Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Different Sides of Malaysia

Festivals can vary from different aspects. It maybe as a religious act, or cultural inspiration. During this time, a country or a place will free the rest of the day or some will have a long weekend. 


Celebrations put us together and bind every family together again from the fact of being busy with school, work or other activities. Some went out of town or out of the country to see other culture’s jollifications. 

You would want to visit Malaysia and see their different festivities. In order to get there, you need to check if you are able to travel with a passport or you need to do Malaysia e-visa application. 

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Moving forward, Malaysia, being the evidence of modernity has nothing to blame for its superb historical, traditional and religious commemorations. Not all of you know that there are 3 major races in Malaysia. The Chinese, Indians and last but not the least is original locals Malaysians. Having three nationals in one country is a non-stoppable ideas, designs and ways of merriment. Imagine three countries into one. It’s not mixing cultures but respecting each of it. Now you will see below the festivals Malaysia have. Not all of it is written, but ten of it is enough to make you find out yourself when you reach to Malaysia.

Here is just 10 of Malaysia’s delightful merrymakings:

1. Mooncake Festival -   This is to celebrate the end of harvest season. You will like the arts they make to the dough some use fish design,dragon or any Chinese patterns. The best thing about mooncake is the filling inside. This is the flavor that makes it savory for your taste. It’s around February, but mooncake you may buy at shops in Malaysia, but the best ones, you will find during the festival. 

 Mooncake Festival

2.   Gawai Day -  This is also a harvest celebration but this time is for rice harvest. People in Sarawak Malaysia or the Dayak People usually plays a big role during 1st of June. They wear native costumes with colorful textiles and walk around the city and have a competition and other activities.

Gawai Day

3. Chinese New Year - Most of the Asian countries celebrate Chinese New Year, but in Malaysia it is one of the biggest Celebration as Chinese-Malay are also living here. Most of the people “balik kampung”  or they go back to their hometown. The city centre is designed with Chinese inspired theme. Big malls have big stages with performances and of course, Dragon Dance will always be present. Where they perform on streets and wait for companies  and shops to give them ampao with money .

Chinese New Year

4.   Deepavali - After a Chinese fest, let’s move to Indian Festival of Lights. It is also one of the biggest commemorations in Malaysia to acknowledge Indian-Malay. All the streets are full of different colorful lights even trees are set delightfully during the nights. Big malls same as Chinese New Year got their themes and kolum is magically created on the floors. It is made of colorful pieces of rice.


5.   Thaipusam- If you go to Malaysia you won’t miss Batu Caves. And so Thaipusam, where most of the Hindu go and pray. They will walk and climb Batu Caves. This is one of the unique events you will see in Malaysia.


6.   Wesak Day - It is a traditional holiday for Buddhists. This is to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday. Chinese people go to temples and pray. Some of them go toe Genting Highland as well. They will do parade at the city centre to show everyone their tradition. They will also play sounds and other chinese musical instrument. They will release doves and tortoise showing forgiveness of their past life sins. 

Wesak Day

7.   Malaysia National Day - It is remembered every 16th of September. This is the time that Sarawak, North Borneo, Singapore binds together to form Malaysia. People by this time watch parade in the morning. They wear traditional clothes. Everywhere got event. Night parties and all bands in the streets with Malaysia Flag. 
Malaysia National Day

8.   Dragon Boat Festival - Everyone is familiar with dragon boat. Usually Penang, a place in Malaysia hosts annual Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. Other countries join this prestigious event.

Dragon Boat Festival
9.  Hari Raya Aidilfitri -  It is usually at May 23rd to 24th. After one month of Ramadan fasting, they start a month long celebration with respect to our Muslims brothers and sisters. It is a National Holiday for all the family to get together.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

 10.  Christmas - It’s Christmas all over the world. This is the time for Christian and Catholic celebrations. This is the time Jesus Christ is born. Everyone is at home cooking their family special dishes. Some go out for elegant night dinner and some enjoy the streets as there are lots of events going through every part of Malaysia during this day. This is also one of the biggest celebrations in the country. 


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It is not hard to get Malaysia tourist visa especially if you are well-prepared. It is just a matter of chances and taking those available time to conquer not only Malaysia but the world.

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