Thursday, August 1, 2019

Living Paradise Malaysia

Turquoise sea, white beach, duty-free alcohol, cigarettes and chocolates. Crazy cable car experience. Amazing Sky bridge and sky glider. Cafe in the sky with the view of the whole island of Langkawi. Island hopping, snorkeling and eagle watching. These are just some of the Famous Island of Langkawi. The jewel of Kedah, to be found only in Malaysia.

There are lots of famous islands in the world, and all have their differences and uniqueness. And to experience these you need to witness it by yourself. Apply Malaysia e-visa online. Know the fee cost of Malaysia e-visa and ENtri Visa. Apply Malaysia e-visa application as tourist or Malaysia E-visa business. 

You may see the Malaysia e-visa details and ENtri visa from

There are differences between the two:

Malaysia e-visa application have ENtri which is with express processing 2-10 hours if you are in a hurry and really can’t take it to be in the relaxing island of Langkawi. This visa is 15 days stay and single entry only, they also have the regular ENtri with 2 days processing. But if you wanna stay more and decided to do more activities and adventures in Malaysia you may apply the Evisa, it can be single and multiple entry with maximum 30 days of stay.

The Malaysia e-visa fee and ENtri visa fees are included in the website and you may finish the applications and the visa executive will email you and assist you until you achieve the visas and reach your most awaited time of travel. Langkawi is just one of the thousand places Malaysia can Offer.

There are a lot more islands and more fun to give their tourists. 

The visa executive will review all the documents and will stay private with all your information and data from their Malaysia e-visa portal

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