Thursday, August 22, 2019

Climb Me Up Batu Caves - Malaysia

You won’t miss the Batu Caves of Malaysia. A Hindu religious site based out of India. Even from afar you can recognize it  from the 140ft Murugan Statue. And the colorful 272 steps upto caverns that attracts more tourists. It was recently painted with different colors and the stairways was fixed for the tourists safeness especially during rainy seasons. 

For the Hindu-Malaysians, the 113 year old Temple Cave and Art Gallery is the focal point. The shrines and arts was believed that legends can be brought into life .

While climbing Batu Caves, you will see the signs beware of Monkeys. Not because they are harmful but they might steal your food or whatever attracts their eyes. Yes! Monkeys! This is their home and we should not take them out of their inhabitants. Most of them are fine with taking photos but please do not pus flash as they might trigger their aggressiveness.

If you start picturing yourself in Batu Caves, might as well check how to get there. If you need to apply a Malaysia E-visa Application, search the Malaysia E-visa Online and start your application.  You also need to check if you are eligible to apply the Malaysia E-visa Online so you know where to start.

The said to be around 400 million years limestone that forms Batu Caves, inspire all religious people and historians to explore more about the Cave. When you reached the last step of the stairway, you won’t feel tired as you get to see the city and the steps you have finished to reach on top.

Even after that , once you entered the cave there are lots more to see inside and there are souvenirs to buy upstairs and there are things for prayers. You might have seen more and you might not know if there is still another staircase to see. After you thought you reached the top of Batu Caves.  

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