Monday, August 26, 2019

Red Church

Visiting Malaysia? Do you have any plans on where to go? Who are you bringing with? Which month you have decided? How you can go there? Are you allowed to enter the country without any visa or are you required to get one?

All these questions are on a first traveler’s mind. But let us help you with  that. Before visiting Malaysia, you should know the facts for Malaysia eNTRI Visa and E-visa.  These two were found in the Malaysia Evisa website and the cost of Malaysia eNTRI visa and cost of Malaysia e-visa. There is regular and express and there is 15days and 30days stay in Malaysia. With these visas you may visit Malaysia with worry-free mind. You may see all that at .

Moving forward, there is this Christ Church in Malacca, Malaysia , a Dutch Conquest from the empire of Portugal. It is inspired by the colony of Dutch Architectures . What made the church unique was its red color and its similarities while other churches were white. 
Inside the church you will find the Altar bible made of brass, silver altar vessels and prayer area which is spacious and in complete silence for a solemn prayer.

Outside is the Church’s bell with inscription date 1698 were the Christ Church was completely developed. You will also find a fountain in front of it and a clock tower.

Not only this, you will find different designed rickshaws. Colorful and with cartoon characters, designed with feathers and is lots of stickers that will roam you around.

You will also be interested to their popular drink Cendol a sweet dessert of green rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. They also have fresh coconut drinks and fresh watermelon drink.

There are also shops for souvenirs beside the Church. Where you can find cheap native products, handmade crafts and figurines. 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Climb Me Up Batu Caves - Malaysia

You won’t miss the Batu Caves of Malaysia. A Hindu religious site based out of India. Even from afar you can recognize it  from the 140ft Murugan Statue. And the colorful 272 steps upto caverns that attracts more tourists. It was recently painted with different colors and the stairways was fixed for the tourists safeness especially during rainy seasons. 

For the Hindu-Malaysians, the 113 year old Temple Cave and Art Gallery is the focal point. The shrines and arts was believed that legends can be brought into life .

While climbing Batu Caves, you will see the signs beware of Monkeys. Not because they are harmful but they might steal your food or whatever attracts their eyes. Yes! Monkeys! This is their home and we should not take them out of their inhabitants. Most of them are fine with taking photos but please do not pus flash as they might trigger their aggressiveness.

If you start picturing yourself in Batu Caves, might as well check how to get there. If you need to apply a Malaysia E-visa Application, search the Malaysia E-visa Online and start your application.  You also need to check if you are eligible to apply the Malaysia E-visa Online so you know where to start.

The said to be around 400 million years limestone that forms Batu Caves, inspire all religious people and historians to explore more about the Cave. When you reached the last step of the stairway, you won’t feel tired as you get to see the city and the steps you have finished to reach on top.

Even after that , once you entered the cave there are lots more to see inside and there are souvenirs to buy upstairs and there are things for prayers. You might have seen more and you might not know if there is still another staircase to see. After you thought you reached the top of Batu Caves.  

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Perfect Escape - Malaysia

There is this high-formed land, a cold place called Cameron Highlands at the North Western tip of Pahang. This is located in Malaysia. It was founded by William Cameron, as you can see where the name of the place was inspired. William is a British surveyor. Through his journey, he had discovered Cameron Highlands in 1885. If you wish to know more, you might have to check the cost of Malaysia E-visa its services and so the cost of Malaysia eNTRI Visa. These are the two visas you may apply to go to Malaysia. But first, check whether you are eligible to apply or not.

Moreover, as an agricultural land, you might find different fresh fruits and vegetables all over the highlands. The freshness of this natural food was well-maintained by the cold weather that can drop to 16 degree Celsius or lower than that as some point of time depending on the season.

If you are in Malaysia, you will hear the famous drink, teh tarik which is Milk Tea in English, and you will get surprised that most of the tea was made by the country and not from other foreign land. This is because the BOH TEA Centre is found in Cameron Highlands. Where you can come and see by your naked eyes the fields for tea and the fragrance of it.

Moreover, they also have the rose garden. Who won’t like flowers? Especially roses that catches women’s heart. You will see over 100 varieties of flowers in different colors. The colorful stones that blends the perfect landscape of land.

There are more attractions in Cameron Highlands and it is one of the tourists plan every time they go to Malaysia. You should not be afraid to travel as there are a lot of things to discover in the world. Not only to your motherland but to other places. Don’t miss it! As you are young and mostly do not miss it even if your old.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Living Paradise Malaysia

Turquoise sea, white beach, duty-free alcohol, cigarettes and chocolates. Crazy cable car experience. Amazing Sky bridge and sky glider. Cafe in the sky with the view of the whole island of Langkawi. Island hopping, snorkeling and eagle watching. These are just some of the Famous Island of Langkawi. The jewel of Kedah, to be found only in Malaysia.

There are lots of famous islands in the world, and all have their differences and uniqueness. And to experience these you need to witness it by yourself. Apply Malaysia e-visa online. Know the fee cost of Malaysia e-visa and ENtri Visa. Apply Malaysia e-visa application as tourist or Malaysia E-visa business. 

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There are differences between the two:

Malaysia e-visa application have ENtri which is with express processing 2-10 hours if you are in a hurry and really can’t take it to be in the relaxing island of Langkawi. This visa is 15 days stay and single entry only, they also have the regular ENtri with 2 days processing. But if you wanna stay more and decided to do more activities and adventures in Malaysia you may apply the Evisa, it can be single and multiple entry with maximum 30 days of stay.

The Malaysia e-visa fee and ENtri visa fees are included in the website and you may finish the applications and the visa executive will email you and assist you until you achieve the visas and reach your most awaited time of travel. Langkawi is just one of the thousand places Malaysia can Offer.

There are a lot more islands and more fun to give their tourists. 

The visa executive will review all the documents and will stay private with all your information and data from their Malaysia e-visa portal