Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Holding Hands Tower

Ever heard the famous couple in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia? It is actually not actors. But a couple of tower. Or let us just say the Petronas Twin Towers.  Doesn’t it look like two couple holding hands? Doesn’t look romantic? Most couples who are in love sees the towers as one woman and one man looking at each other saying that “I’m happy I am with You”.

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It also symbolizes unity. There are actually three races in Malaysia but all called Malaysians. There they came into the One Malaysia phrase.

If you would look into photos, you can’t really imagine how mesmerizing to eyes they are. To add to your information, the whole complex was once a horse-racing track. Now, there is a park called KLCC Park and you may see lots of foreigners and locals jogging there. Seeing the twin towers made them inspired finishing their track.

If you could also see the sky bridge that connects the two buildings, you may actually take photos there. Seeing below transparently by the glass floor. 

At night you will really find it lovely, especially with the dancing fountain behind it with all the different lights and the music will bring you to the other world as if you see the waters are alive dancing like humans in theater.

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